Popular Souvenirs to Buy From India

India is a paradise for shoppers. As India has a variety of culture from North to South, so you would find a lots of retail factories spread like a spider web. There is no limit for variety of cloths, you would get what you are looking for. If you are true shopaholic, then it is very difficult to control your veins from shopping in India. Indian souvenir gifts are always unique.

As a traveler it is not possible for you to purchase everything and get it along with you. So I have compiled a popular Indian souvenirs things that you can buy from India as a gift or memory. As Indian currency is little bit low as compare to Dollar and Euros, so you could purchase plenty of things at an unbelievable cheap prices.

Here is a list of 21 popular souvenirs gifts to buy from India while holidaying

For Home

Folk art and Handicrafts : India has a amazing handicrafts as compare to other parts of the world. Because of different culture and traditions spreaded over India, you could see lots of unique Handicrafts here. Few Examples are : White Marble stone work at Agra, Wooden bamboo work of North East, Sandalwood carvings of Mysore, metal craft wares of Madhya Pradesh. There are some places in India like Delhi where you can find most of Indian Handicrafts at one Place. Delhi Haat in New Delhi, Anokhi in Jaipur are few popular places.

Silk Paintings : You can buy ethnics paintings made by artists from villages of India.

Marbles : Marble Jewellery box, Marble Art work is one of the unique things that you won’t find anywhere.

Colored Bedsheets : Handcrafted and embroidery bedsheets are very popular from Rajasthan and Punjab. Most of these are decorated with Elephants, camels, Kings and Queens

Pure Leather Goods : Leather goods are extremely cheap in India. For example, a man purse in your country could cost you 10$ but here you could easily find it at 1$. Women and men purses are easy things to take. Leather Bags, Jackets, Big Shoes are very popular tourist items

For Music

Tabla : It is traditional pair of drum that is essential for any Indian music. Tabla is used widely among old traditional songs of India.

Indian Instrumental Music DVD’s : Indian instrumental music is widely used in world as a therapy that soothes your mind and makes you feel fresh.

Baansuri : It is made up of Hollow bamboo with 7 holes in it. It  is played with mouth and it sounds very relaxing while listening.


Sarees : It is a traditional cloth among womens of India and is getting popular worldwide very fast. Kanchipuram sild sarees, Banarasi sarees are one of the finest collection. You would get a variety of sarees, that you can use to wear occassionally.

Payjama : Just like sarees Kurta Pyjama is a traditional cloth among mens. It is very loose and comfortable cloth. As the weight is very light, it could be very helpful while traveling.

Pashmina shawls from kashmiri wools are very popular cloth for winter. It is very light and warm cloth for winters.


Mixed Indian Sweets : Indian sweets are very popular in the world, there are thousands of varieties available in market. Choose it according to you taste. Sweets expiry date is very small like 1 week or 10 days.

Pickles : This food item is taken while having food, although there are variety of pickles available in market. You could easily use it as a food for few months. Famous Pickles are Mango, Carrot, Mixed

Indian Tea It also has a variety, mostly prepared in East and South India. Indian tea will make you fresh in every  morning. Also the price of quality Tea is very cheap as compare to other parts of the World Indian Cook Book : Famous chefs of India like Sanjeev Kapoor has written lots of books on Indian Foods. If you are in love with Indian food then don’t forget to purchase it.Jewellery : Indian jewellery and its designs are very popular in the world. Gold, Silver, Diamond etc. you could find a variety of versions here at a reasonable price.

Ayurvedic Products : Indian Ayurvedic are milestone in the world, as they don’t use any chemical process. It is completely natural and safe for health. You could find lots of Ayurveda  Medicines for your problems. Such as skin care, herbal remedies. Popular brands are Shahnaz herbal, Himalaya, Patanjali etc. From fancy leather jutis to high heels sandals for women, you could find various types of things here. For you normal and day to day life.

Scented Products : India is a land of Ayurved, Indian always prefer natural things. A variety of scents is available which has been extracted from flowers, herbs, spices, barks has been used in India since ancient times.it’s very hard to be specific about products as there are plenty of things.

Do comment below, after your journey. Tell me which was your favorite product

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