5 Movies To Watch Before Going To India

India is cultural and surprising place. If you are planning to visit India this year, then there are some movies that you should watch to make yourself familiar with Indian Culture, tourist places.

Here are five Selected movies that will give you Idea about India :

  1. The Best Exotic Marigold hotel (Jaipur)

This movies shows the journey about a six retired people, who came to India for the first time. With lots of surprising ups and downs, how they fall in love with Indian culture, traditions etc. Its shooting was done in Jaipur (Rajasthan), so you would get a good glimpse of this place

It will also show very details about the Indian culture and its traditions

2.  Life of Pie (Kochi, Kerala) —

This movie is based on South India Culture. And was shooted completely in south India. You will get the Idea about the south India culture, beaches through this movie.
Although this movie is truly a adventurous story about a boy who was migrating from one place to another by ship with his family and suddenly his ship sank. How he survives with a Tiger is a part of a story. Its a good movie to watch.

3) Slumdog Millionare ( Mumbai and Agra )

This movie is based on the slum areas of Mumbai and Agra. This movies shows about rags to riches story about a boy who got a once in a lifetime chance to become millionaire.
This movie consist of Bollywood drama with a touch of Hollywood effects. This movie won 8 Oscars in total for its filming and story. Overall it is a feel good film showing empowering a big cities of India

4) Monsoon Wedding ( Delhi )

This movie is based on Indian marriage, shooted completely in Delhi. If you want to have some glimpse about Indian marriages then you should watch this movie.
This movie will give you a true flavor of Indian wedding. How relatives from different parties came together to celebrate wedding

5. Gandhi

This movie is based on the life of Mahatma Gandhi who fought for the freedom of India. It is a biopic played by British actor Ben Kingsley. Movie is based between 1900 to 1947. It starts with Mahatma Gandhi thrown out of Train, then his participation in India freedom and ultimately his assassination.

This movie will show a story of rural India and history of India.

Which movies you have watched till now? Do you know more movies which could be in Top 5 ? Do share with me in comment box.

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