Mariam’s Tomb – The Lost Tomb of Jodha Bai

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Mariam’s Tomb is located close to Akbar’s Tomb in Sikandra, Agra. Mariam was also popular as Jodha Bai, Akbar married her to maintain peace with Rajpoot’s of Rajasthan. Akbar Jodha Love Story is very popular till today. Mariam was the mother of Jehangir. Mariam has importance in History because she gave birth to Jehangir, the mughal successor of Throne.

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Mariam was the Princess of Jaipur Amer King. There was a fiercing battle going on between Mughal’s and Rajpoot’s. To end that peacefully, Akbar married with Jodha Bai. After the birth of there first child i.e. Jehangir. Akbar changed her name to Mariam ur Zamani.

She was very close to Akbar, that’s why he allowed her to follow her religion and built Temple for her inside Fort. She was responsible for the first Temple built by Mughal’s. Religious peace and harmony was flourishing during Akbar’s Rule. Jodha Bai was very intelligent in administrative control, she was also one of the advisor of King Akbar.

History, Architecture of Mariam-uz-Zamani Tomb :

This place was originally a pleasure pavilion under lodhi dynasty. Once a Baradwari in 15th century, originally built by Sikandar Lodhi in 1495 A.D. The ground floor consists of some forty chambers bearing beautiful paintings on plastered walls. This tomb is surrounded by greenery and is so peaceful that you can easily hear the chirping of Birds.

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Mariam’s Tomb is located in suburb of Sikandra. Sikandra was founded in 1492 by Sikandar Lodhi, and got his name as a place. This place was used as a resting place during journey by lodhi dynasty. When Mughal took over this place, Jahangir modified it according to mughal architecture. Mariam Tomb is completely made up of Red Sandstone.

This is the only mughal mausoleum with no Dome on Top. The original Grave of Mughal Queen Mariam-uz-Zamani is located inside the Secret Chamber, which is closed for Public.

Interesting Facts about Mariam-uz-Zamani or Jodha Bai Tomb :

  • She was born to Rajput Princess named Jodha Bai, eldest of Raja Bharmal of Amer.
  • Jodha Bai was Honoured with Title “Mariam-Uz-Zamani”.
  • The Structure was originally a Baradwari under ‘sikandar lodhi’.
  • Jodha Akbar Love Story is still popular Till today.
  • Jodha Bai and Akbar’s marriage was a result of peaceful agreement between Mughals and Rajput’s.


  • It is located Close to Akbar’s Tomb in Sikandra.
  • Jodha Tomb Timings : 6 a.m to 6 p.m
  • Winters are preferable because of weather. During summers and rainfall it becomes humid as temperature goes upto 48 degree.
  • Security is very tight here, heavy bags, eatable items, knife, drugs, alcohol, cigarette is not allowed inside. We suggest you to go through latest rule from
  • Drinking Water or Loo Facility is NOT Available inside the Garden Area.
  • Although Taj Mahal is closed on Friday but Mariam-uz-zamani remain open all week (as of 2020).
  • Take Taxi/Auto to reach this place. Nowadays OLA (Rs. 50 Discount Code – 2X2R2KU) or UBER services are available.
  • Mariam-uz-zamani Ticket Price : INDIAN – Rs 25, FOREIGNERS – Rs 300
  • Book Online Tickets to Avoid Line and Get 5% Instant Discount.
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I hope you have got your information regarding mariam uz zamani Tomb. If you have any questions or suggestions, then please Feel FREE to message me.

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