Chini Ka Rauza – The Forgotten China Tomb Of Agra

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Chini Ka Rauza is a beautiful wonder of Mughal Architectural syle completely made up of Glazed tiles. This is a tomb of Allma Afzal Khan Mullah, located on the banks of Yamuna. Rauza means mourning, local people called tiles ‘chini’ that’s why it got the name of Chini Ka Roza. It is located close to Itimad Ud Daulah (Baby Taj) and Ram Bagh (First Mughal Garden of India).

People also called this place “China Tomb”. Why ? Read more..

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History, Architecture of Chini Ka Rauza :

Chini Ka Rauza contains a mausoleum of Allama Afzal Khan Mullah, who the persian poet during Jahangir and later became Wazir (prime minister) during Shah Jahan rule. He built his own Tomb in 1635 and died in Lahore at 1639. His body brought back to india to rest at this place.

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Chini ka roza is rectangular in shape and beautifully decorated with painting and Quran inscriptions on Wall. Glazed tile ornamentation believed to be brought from China.

However, with the passage of time Chini Ka Roza got heavily damaged. But you can still see the remains of beautiful tile work on Wall. Although, Quality tile work is preserved Inside. From Outside it looks like in disintegrated condition.

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The walls are painted in Dirt Brown, Gold and Green color is used to write inscription inside Tomb structure. Chini Ka Rauza Looks beautiful from Inside.

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Crazy Facts about “Chinni Ka Rauza” :

  • Glazed beautiful tiles of Chini ka Rauza believed to brought from China.
  • It is also called China Tomb of India.
  • Allama Afzal Khan Built his Tomb by himself before death.
  • Allma afzal khan was a Persian Poet and Scholar.
  • During Shah Jahan Rule, He became Wazir (Prime Minister).
  • He was also responsible for the main Design of Taj Mahal.
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My Personal Experience :

This place is very beautiful and unique because of it Tiles work, which is uncommon in other Mughal Buildings. This building is in disintegrated condition, looks like it may fall anytime. but it’s a one time visit, Outside structure is Simple but when you go inside, it’s totally different.

You will see beautiful artistic work of Tiles in different colors of Blue, Golden etc. Government is not taking care of this property at all, No security, Nothing. The View of Yamuna Bridge and City is quite remarkable.

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  • it is located Close to Ram Bagh and Baby Taj and could be reach by any vehicle.
  • There is No Food or Water Facility nearby not even Toilet. So, be prepared before reaching that place.
  • It is located just 1 km from Baby Taj.
  • Chini Ka Rauza Timings : 6 a.m to 6 p.m
  • Winters are preferable because of weather. During summers and rainfall it becomes humid as temperature goes upto 48 degree.
  • Security is very tight here, heavy bags, eatable items, knife, drugs, alcohol, cigarette is not allowed inside. We suggest you to go through latest rule from
  • Drinking Water or Loo Facility is NOT Available inside Chini Ka Rauza.
  • Although Taj Mahal is closed on Friday but Chini Ka Rauza remain open all week (as of 2020).
  • Take Taxi/Auto to reach this place. Nowadays OLA (Rs. 50 Discount Code – 2X2R2KU) or UBER services are available.
  • Chini Ka Rauza Entry Ticket Price : INDIAN – FREE, FOREIGNERS – FREE
  • Address : Chini Ka Rauza, Katra Wazir Khan, Agra, Uttar Pradesh 282006

Thank you very much for reading this blog till here πŸ™‚ . I hope you have got your information and enjoyed reading my blog. Please share your views in comment section below.

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