13 reasons why traveling is essentials in your 20’s

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Traveling in 20s is the best time of our life. As we are energetic, enthusiastic and young enough to conquer any problem. Also 20s is a time of learning and nothing could be better than a practical learning through traveling. Traveling opens our eyes about different people, cultures, tradition, food, festivals etc, which are beneficial for our future.

There is a kind of magicness about going far away and then coming back all changed. ?

Traveling is like a necessity of life for me. As my father was in Indian Army, so I was fortunate enough to travel almost all parts of India. Whether it is Hills of Himalayas or Beaches of Goa, Desert of Rajasthan or Waterfalls of North east, I have lived my life at these places.

“Traveling is like living a another life with your own control”

Here are my top 13 reasons why you should travel in your 20’s :

  1. Experience Real Life

Traveling is a best way to experience a real life. In our childhood, we had read lots of traveling and adventurous stories like Gullivers travel, Tarjan, Alexander. Now, its time to follow the footsteps, to discover the adventure in your own way. We might have read about peoples, cities, countries etc. Now it’s time to explore those places for real experience. You will get a chance to understand different religions, cultures, peoples etc. Experiencing a real life is necessary as it makes you tough and mature which will surely benefit you in Future.  

“Travel far enough, you meet yourself.” ——- David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas

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There is a lot of difference between School and real life education. When you read or watch adventure stories you feel sometime that its way more easy or difficult. Now, its time to explore by you. Traveling opens your eyes about culture, people you interact with. You could also get a chance to learn new language or skills. Facing problems and new things will make you more mature and intelligent


Life is short, you never know what can happen with you in future. So live your life fully. When life is not secured then why you are securing yourself at home. Just leave all your stress at home. Have you ever wish to enjoy your life, just like in movies. This is a correct time to fulfill that. You could dance in rain, swim in rivers, bath in waterfalls, sing lonely in Forest, laugh fully etc.

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At home or school we never get the full freedom to live our life. Traveling gives you more freedom and control about yourself. Now you are the owner of your life. No parents, teachers are here to scold you. You have got the flexibility to live your life.

“There is a kind of magicness about going far away and then coming back all changed.”


Hiking on mountains, Swim in Oceans, underwater, para gliding, Camp fire, long bike ride or Car Ride etc. All things make you an explorer and brings a new confident personality in you. Adventure trips will always give a unique experiences as compare to other experience in life. Just stop watching National Geographic and discovery channel for adventurous things, make your own practical experience just like bear grills.

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Every culture has its own taste and cuisines. If you are a food lover then you should try this. It is a perfect excuse to taste new foods and different flavors from different parts of states.

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Everyone has a hidden talent, which comes out with time. But after becoming a travel guy, it comes out very fast. While traveling from one place to another, we automatically discover our new interests and talents. While taking some photos who knows you could become a future photographer, or a good speaker.

“To move, to breathe, to fly, to float,

To gain all while you give,

To roam the roads of lands remote,

To travel is to live.”


Traveling is a best way to make life DE-STRESS. While traveling you are your own boss, no one is there to command you. You have a lots of time to discover yourself. It also help you to focus what you want in your life. You could try some yoga session in Himalayas or could take some teaching from gurus.

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Meeting a new people with different cultures could bring a joy in your life. By listening to them and sharing your story you will feel more relaxed and amazed. You would also meet people with common interests which can lead to long-life friendships or marriages. 🙂

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While traveling click as many pictures as you can, make lots of videos. Trust me after 5-10 years you will feel proud of your work and would be satisfied from life.


While having a conversation with your family members or friends, you often get stuck. With your experiences, you had a chance to break a ice and create a long lasting impression of you journeys. Your future kids would be amazed to hear your stories too.

12) 20’s Best Powerful Age

20’s is one of best age of any persons. As peoples are energetic and usually have good strengths. In 30’s or 40’s many diseases like sugar, hypertension starts joining your life plus you age also makes you weak and lazy to travel. So 20’s is the best age to discover the heaven in this beautiful world.

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13) Photography

Have you seen a heaven ? if not then you could see it while traveling to a beautiful places. Photography is a great hobby to document your life journey. Capture as many memories as you can while traveling and exploring. In future when you will look back, you will definitely feel proud of your traveling.

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I chose 20s as a best age group for traveling because I have seen practically many people as they enter 30s, life gets more busier and responsibilities increases. Even parents stops funding them in 30s, 20s is the best time as you are young enough to face any challenge of life. So if you are in 20s then Don’t just think, go for it.

Your life is a GIFT, Do what matters

Do you have more tips to share? What do you think about this age group ? How was your experience when you were in 20s ? According to you ‘what is a perfect age group for traveling’? Do let me know in below comment and don’t forget to share it with others.

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