How To Save Money In Food While Traveling in INDIA

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How to save money in Food while Traveling

While traveling from one place to another, food is only thing that costs you mostly Arm and a Leg. At the end of Blog I will give you a Bonus Point. But there are many ways through which you can save money :

Packed Foods : Chips, cakes, cold drinks, Biscuits, Maggie, Ready to go foods by boiling . Sometimes in case of very low money with you, You can go for these alternatives. As these little things will give you almost same level of energy as compare to food. You would feel less starve. And these items are really very cheap and easily available anywhere.

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Local Food Hotels : In every tourist city there are some local hotels which are very famous for food and is very cheap as compare to big hotels bills. You could ask any local about it. But don’t forget to confirm it from other persons also. Street food hawkers also serve good food to you like burgers, sandwiches, Indian Chole Bhature, Samosas, Kachoris, lassi etc.

Street Foods : There are many shops which will provide you a local eatable stuffs at a reasonable price. But don’t forget to check the hygienic conditions. Food items like Chole Bhature, Samosas, Kachoris, Lassi etc are very popular street food in India.

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Fruits : Banana, Mango, Apple, lemon etc as per season. Fruits are the best energy products to boost you. If you are feeling sick or tired of street or hotel food, then this is the best option as they are always healthy. Don’t forget to wash them twice before consumption.

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Liquid Drinks : cola, sprite , pepsi, fanta it will give you a instant relief from food for few hours or Fruit Juices you can try. Ice Creams 10 or 20 INR

Religious Places : India is a welcoming country for Tourist like atithi devo bhava. Religious places like Gurudawaras, Temple etc always offer FREE food throughout day. Incase of emergency you can visit there, also you can stay there for FREE.

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