How To Be A Respectful Tourist

HBeing a tourist means a person who is Free to enjoy while traveling. Lots of people take holidays and go for 2 day, 1 week or in some cases months of traveling in a new place. But many people who are too enthusiastic sometimes forget the moral ethics.

How to become a good and respectful tourist is not a tough question to be answered. Most of us did lot’s of mistakes during  traveling, which we repent later. But nothing is too late, let’s leave those negative things in Grave and start something fresh. Here, I am going to share with you some tips on how to become a good tourist based on my personal experience.

I am  not judging people about their traveling. Whatever you feel like comfortable you should wear it anywhere
But you need to follow some cultural things while traveling especially in foreign country. Don’t forget that you are a guest in their country or maybe an Ambassador for your country. You would meet lot’s of people while traveling who have heard about your country or seeing white/black people first time in their life. Lot’s of people makes an impression about your country by simply judging you.

During traveling I have heard local people commenting on tourists about their outfits and behavior. Sometime they said :”look, again two morons thinking that this is their country”.

Just imagine, If you are passing by and some locals will say “What kinda cloths he is wearing, He is looking like a douche-bag”

There is a lesson to be learn here, it doesn’t matter where you’re from. Behave like a traveler and create a good impression about you and your country. You better know “First impression last impression

Here are I am discussing 7 rules to how to be a good and respectful tourist :

1) Be Polite –Politeness is a key of moral behavior. Don’t compare your country with others, there are different customs and traditions in every society. We should respect each other culture and tradition. Before backpacking read about the culture, behavior of a place. It would surely help you to understand more. Always behave properly with everyone whom you meet on the way. Get in habit of saying – Thank you, please, sorry. Don’t forget “First impression Last impression”. Try to create a lasting impression.

2) Don’t be loud –I can understand different culture has different voice of tone. People generally speak with high pitch in many culture or countries. But you have to understand that you are not enjoying at home, this is somebody else place or property. That might be okay in your country but while traveling you have to speak softly and have to maintain a pitch level according to them.

3) Don’t Demand too much –While traveling and check-in to various places, you might find some places where there is a little grasp of English. People might not speak better English as you do. Understand the situation and try to speak slowly to let him understand properly. Avoid calling them again and again. Please clear your doubts before check in, so that no confusion would be left. Do respect your host, he might become your long lasting friend.

4) Dress Good – Dressing good creates a good impression about your culture and you. Try to wear modest cloth according to the place. Like in beaches it would be odd to wear a suit but shorts will work fine. I have heard a news recently about a girl who wore a Short skirts in Saudi Arabia Beach and uploaded her video in SnapChat, that video went viral in Saudi Arab media. Which follows criticism and later she got arrested for uploading a video in short skirt. I hope you don’t want to be in trouble like her. So understand the dress codes properly before going to any place.

5) Don’t say “I am missing my Home” – It would be ungrateful to hear that you are better off at home. Just understand if you are better off at home, then why the hell you are traveling. Be tough and enjoy the moment fully. If you are missing home then you are spoiling your holidays or maybe you have planned your vacation in wrong place. Don’t let others to judge you, that you are a Mama child, came out of home first time. Discuss and share good things.

6) Don’t drunk and create nuisance in public – While you are traveling in other country do check your drinking parameters. There are bars, restaurants, hotels for that. If you are habitual then take it inside the room or at Bars. I agree there are some places which allow to drink publicly but don’t forget if you try to create a nuisance then there are police or cops to take care of you very well. I have seen lots of tourist taking Booze, drinks, drugs too much and creating a trouble in public bars or elsewhere. Just imagine if some tourist do the same thing in your country, what will be your reaction ? So, be careful.

Strong and Smile – Showing a confidence in traveling will help you a lot. Trust me. Often there are some locals who always try to make fool of tourists. But if you have proper knowledge of place or have confidence, then he might not harm you financially. Face expression is a best way to create impression. Maintaining an eye contact and smile is a universal sign of confidence and friendly nature. Try to create a good impression always with people whom you meet on your way. Don’t forget that there are many people who judge you according to your country, so creating an impression would be beneficial for you.

Travel can sometime break lots of cultural barriers. Show the best version of yourself. I have lots of  friends and host who praises Japanese because of their good behavior. I hope you would love to fall in the category of good tourist.
Leaving your country doesn’t mean leaving your manners at home. Always remember “While in  Rome do as Romans do

Question :  Do you have more tips to share ? What are your views on this topic ? Do let me know in below comment and don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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