Bharatpur Jama Masjid – Why HINDU Jat Ruler Built it ?

bharatpur jama masjid, jat masjid, goindiayatra blog
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Jama Masjid of Bharatpur is also popular as Imam Jama Masjid of Bharatpur. This is the Only Jama Masjid in India built by Jat Rulers. Bharatpur Jama Masjid is famous for it’s Mughal Style Architecture similar to Jama Masjid of Agra.

bharatpur jama masjid, jat masjid, goindiayatra blog
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History, Architecture of Jama Masjid, Bharatpur –

Bharatpur is very famous for its Beautiful Architecture Buildings like Jama Mosque, Jawahar Fort, Deeg Fort, Kela Devi National Park etc.

Bharatpur was ruled by JAT Rulers who had a very Bitter Relations with Mughals in the Past. It was very Strange to See a Mosque built by Them.

This is Only Muslim Jama Masjid in India built by Hindu Rulers, Shows Unity in Diversity amongst them.

Today Jama Masjid Serves as a Prayer Ground and Religious meetings of Muslims. There is also a Madarsa for children, where 100s of children from different background come to learn Quraan, Hadis and other Muslim scriptures.

bharatpur jama masjid, jat masjid, goindiayatra blog
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Prayer Hall

Jama Masjid Shares a Interesting Story behind its Construction. Long time Back there was a Drought in Bharatpur, animals were dying, No Crops were Growing. Hence, Common People and Royal Family was facing Huge Crisis of Water.

Only GOD can save them, Ultimately JAT King asked the Religious Leaders of all Community to Pray for Rainfall.

Every Spiritual Leaders from Hinduism and Muslim Community started Praying as per their Traditions. Soon, in few days a Heavy Rainfall Occurred and Filled all Wells of Bharatpur with plenty Water.

Jat king became Impressed and asked them their Wishes. Hinduism Leaders asked for GANGA Mandir Temple, and Muslim Leaders asked for Jama Masjid. JAT King happily approved and Built Both Monuments nearby to each other.

bharatpur jama masjid, jat masjid, goindiayatra blog
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Red Sandstone was available nearby in a huge quantity, that’s why you will see both building built with it.

Nowadays, both Places marks as a Tourist Places of Bharatpur and is equally popular.

Interesting Facts about Jama Masjid of Bharatpur :

  • Only Jama Mosque in India built by Hindu JAT Rulers.
  • Popular Hindu Temples like Ganga Mandir are Nearby.
  • Located in Middle of City.
  • Jama Masjid was made completely from Red Sandstone.
  • It was constructed in early 19th Century.

My Personal Experience with “Jama Masjid” :

A One time visit is Compulsory, if you are in Bharatpur. It has been beautifully built and decorated with Floral Designs of Red Sandstone.

I have also taken Interview of Imam of Jama Masjid Mentioned in below link.

A Travel Vlog and Interview about Imam Jama Masjid


  • Take Auto to reach this place. Rickshaw services are available.
  • There are plenty of Food places nearby in Bharatpur City.
  • No Food items, drugs, alcohol etc is allowed inside premises. Better to Eat and Relieve yourself before entering.
  • Water or Loo Facility is Available inside the Mosque Area.
  • Please Watchout the Prayer Timings before Planning to Visit.
  • It is best to visit the city by evening and stay there until sunset. The place becomes more photogenic during sunset. The setting sun adds vibrant colors to the red sandstone walls.
  • When it comes to weather, it is better to avoid summers and monsoon. The best time to visit the place is during winter. Winter starts in October and ends in March.
  • The nearest airport to Bharatpur is located in Agra, 65 km away from it. The nearest railway station is located inside the city. Bharatpur Railway station has regular train services from Agra.
  • If you are looking for common options, choose to fly or reach Bharatpur via road transportation and hire bus or private taxi from Agra to Bharatpur.
  • Timings of Jama Masjid, Bharatpur : Sunrise to Sunset
  • Address : Tara Mahendra Colony, Bharatpur, Rajasthan 321001

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Iqbal Khan (Ryan)

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